AERIS Tecnologías Ambientales, in collaboration with our industrial partners ECOTEC, has developed and commissioned a new biogas desulfurization bioscrubber. The device has been installed in a biofuel and biogas production industry located in Lithuania. The bioscrubber treats more than 1000 m3/h of biogas with H2S concentrations of several hundred ppmv. After the start-up, in less than 7 days, the system operates with an efficiency of more than 95% and with minimal NaOH consumption.

Traditionally, the removal of hydrogen sulfide in energy-rich gases has been carried out by means of physicochemical technologies, such as adsorption or reactive absorption, with significant operating costs.

Biological systems or bioreactors are one of the new gas treatment technologies provided by ECOTEC-AERIS. These systems have an equivalent or higher efficiency than conventional H2S removal systems, with much lower operating costs, since the dosing of reagents is greatly reduced. In addition, a stream rich in elemental sulfur, which can be subsequently valorized, is produced.

These systems allow H2S to be removed from the stream with efficiencies above 99%, providing cost reductions down to minimum values.  Unlike traditional biotrickling filters, the bioscrubber consists of 2 stages: first the H2S contained in the biogas is transferred to an aqueous phase and then it is processed in a liquid phase bioreactor where the H2S is transformed into elemental sulfur.