Aeris has several biological technologies for the deodorization of industrial or WWTP gaseous effluents. In all cases, the design is carried out according to the specific characteristics (flow rate, concentration and nature of odorous compounds, temperature, variability, etc.) of the gas stream to be treated and to the emission limits. The advantages offered by biological processes over traditional alternatives are:

  • High operating savings
  • Stable efficiency> 99%
  • Minimum chemical reagents requirement
  • Minimum or no water consumption
  • Zero production of secondary contaminants
  • Minimum maintenance needs

Most of these technologies are custom designs of conventional biofilters, biotrickling filters or bioscrubbers.

Conventional biofilters are biological reactors packed with a highly stable organic material which is colonized by microorganisms capable of metabolizing odorous compounds. Deep system sensorization ensures high durability and efficiency.

Biotrickling filters also consist of a single reactor within which specific microorganisms grow but, in this case, a continuous liquid recirculation is present. In these systems the dissolution of the odorous compounds and their biological oxidation are carried out simultaneously.

Finally, bioscrubbers comprise of two different reactors. In the first, a scrubber, the odorous compounds are transferred into the liquid phase. This liquid phase is then fed to a bioreactor, in which the odorous compounds are biologically oxidized.

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