Advanced C.O.D. Treatment

Innovation for the treatment of organic matter

The treatment of recalcitrant organic matter in liquid effluents is one of the most energetically costly environmental processes.

In addition, the sludge produced in water treatment requires complex and usually expensive processing.

Since its origin as a research group at the UAB, AERIS has developed and implemented several biological and physical-chemical technologies for the treatment of these pollutants.

In order to achieve optimum efficiency at an affordable cost, AERIS designs and implements specific research projects in which different technologies are tested.

Some improvements achieved in previous projects are:

  • Substantial increase in COD removal
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Low-cost incorporation of nutrient removal into COD treatment systems
  • Conversion of the effluent into biogas, with its corresponding energy seizing
  • Increased process automation
  • Removal of highly recalcitrant or inhibitory compounds
  • Effluent discoloration
  • Development of unified waste management models

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