Nutrient Biological Depuration (N/P)

Among other products, Aeris markets the patented ANFIBIO® process, developed by experts from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. This process allows the nitrification/denitrification of ammonium in a wide range of concentrations without producing nitrate. Some of the advantages of this process with respect to regular nitrification/denitrification are:

  • Treatment efficiency > 99%
  • Savings > 25% in aeration
  • Savings around 40% in organic matter for denitrification
  • Compact and small size system

In addition, Aeris has successfully executed industrial projects in which the following results have been obtained:

  • Reduction of N and P emissions of up to three orders of magnitude, allowing compliance with legal regulations
  • Treatment of high N loads in the presence of heavy metals
  • Redesign and optimization of industrial nitrification/denitrification processes
  • Incorporation of biological processes of P elimination
  • Adaptation of nutrient removal processes at low temperatures
  • Design and incorporation of settling equipment

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