WATERTUR: Intelligent and sustainable management of the water cycle

WATERTUR – Research in technologies for the intelligent and sustainable management of the water cycle in tourist facilities

Lifetime: 36 mesos

Overview budget: 1.536.798 €

Contribution: 516.776 €

The project objective is to investigate new technologies to optimize and provide intelligence to the main points of water consumption, especially in the recreational area and in the various treatment systems that exist in a tourist facility

The expected results in the project are:

  • Advanced management system monitoring tool potentially applicable to the entire water cycle of a hotel.
  • Tool for calculating the impact of the water cycle at the level of water and carbon footprint in real time.
  • A decision support system (SAD) in hotel in the recreational water zone.
  • An innovative solution of advanced technologies for water treatment in a hotel that is as sustainable as possible and with the greatest possible reuse, with a SAD for wastewater control.

The consortium is composed by 7 entities, which includes both PIMES and large companies as well as research centres and associations.


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