The activity of AERIS in the H2020 HYDROUSA Project has begun

AERIS participates in the HYDROUSA Project, led by NTUA (Athens, Greece), designing and building an UASB system for anaerobic digestion.

From July 2018, and for the next 54 months, AERIS will collaborate with 25 other european and african entities within the framework of the HYDROUSA project, financed under the H2020 Program and with a total cost of 12 million euros.

HYDROUSA seeks to develop innovative, regenerative and circular solutions to manage water (rain, groundwater, wastewater and others) and nutrients in Mediterranean coastal areas. These solutions will allow greater recycling and lower operating costs, producing clean energy, giving new solutions to the problems faced by local agriculture and boosting the economies of the areas under study.

AERIS will participate designing, building and taking part in the operation of an innovative system for the anaerobic digestion of wastewater based on a UASB reactor. This device will be tested in a real WWTP located on the island of Lesbos (Greece). The biogas produced in the reactor will be purified, compressed and used in a vehicle on the same island.

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