Success in the deodorization of the WWTP of Riu Sec (Sabadell, Spain)

In January 2017, the first year of operation of the new deodorization system of the Riu Sec wastewater treatment plant, designed and executed by AERIS, was completed. To date the equipment has shown a deodorization efficiency always above 99%, with zero consumption of chemical reagents of any kind.

The project consisted of two phases executed simultaneously: the design of a system of coverings and extraction pipelines in the main points of generation of odors and the incorporation of a specific treatment system, designed ad hoc for this WWTP.

The treatment system is entirely biological, consisting of an AERIS-BTF biotrickling filter and an AERIS-BF conventional biofilter. Together, they treat a flow of the order of 12,000 m3/h of air with very high concentrations of H2S and volatile organic compounds.

Since the incorporation of this system the odor events on the outside of the facility have completely disappeared, greatly reducing the inconvenience to the workers of the WWTP. The bioreactor system does not produce any compound that could potentially be harmful to health or the environment, it does not consume chemical reagents or drinking water and has a constant deodorization efficiency above 99%.

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