The new AERIS-BS biological desulphurizer model is commissioned in Scandinavia

This system, which operates in a livestock waste management industry in northern Europe, allows treating biogas flow rates of several thousand m3/h, with H2S concentrations of around 4000 ppmv

Aeris has successfully commissioned its new AERIS-BS biological desulphurizer. This novel system comprises important technical advantages with respect to the previous versions, allowing the process to be more efficient and robust and requiring less supervision.

The system has been installed in a livestock waste management industry in Scandinavia, as a process prior to upgrading and to the incorporation of natural gas into the general network. To guarantee the quality of this gas, it is necessary to comply with very strict limits of hydrogen sulfide and oxygen concentration. These are achieved by the AERIS-BS system in an efficient and continuous manner.

During the first weeks of operation the system has treated a flow of several thousand m3/h of biogas, with highly variable concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. In addition to its high efficiency, the equipment has minimum reagent requirements, which makes the operational cost very affordable.

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