BIOGASNET – Sustainable biogas purification system in landfills and municipal solid waste treatment plants (LIFE18 ENV/ES/000426)

Lifetime: 01/09/2019 – 31/03/2013 (43 months)

Overview budget: 2,254,468€ EU contribution: 1,239,957€

The BIOGASNET project will demonstrate cost-efficient, low-carbon-footprint technologies that will reduce the H2S concentration in biogas (500 ppmv being considered the highest concentration accepted for internal combustion engine). The project will design, implement and operate a prototype for the period of one year in a landfill in Spain and another year in a municipal solid waste treatment plant in Greece.

The project will thus boost the use of biogas as a sustainable energy source and reduce the carbon footprint of the biogas desulphurisation process. The project will also show how secondary raw materials including elemental sulphur and ammonium sulphate can be produced from the desulphurisation process, thus demonstrating a method to reduce waste in line with the concept of the circular economy. In this way, the project will contribute to the implementation of the European Union strategy Closing the loop – An EU action plan for the Circular Economy (COM(2015) 614 final).

The consortium is composed by 6 partners, universities, SME and technology centres, where Aeris will be responsible of the design and construction of the prototypes in collaboration with the other partners.


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