AERIS, member of Project H2020-DECISIVE

Researchers from AERIS and the UAB participate in the European project DECISIVE, endowed with € 7, to develop a decentralized organic waste management system, which allows reducing and valorizing urban waste, converting it into bioproducts and clean energy.

AERIS participates in a new European project, DECISIVE, which seeks to generate a responsible model for the management of organic waste in cities, both those generated in the home and similar ones that are produced in industries and services. The objective is to demonstrate the capacity to reduce the generation of waste and increase recycling and the valorization thereof, converting what is currently a waste into a raw material, through a decentralized management system that allows carrying out the entire process within the same cities.

“The growth of the urban population is causing that the production of waste and energy and the needs of food are concentrated in increasingly smaller and more populated areas. Thus cities, which occupy small percentages of the total territory, cause most of the impact on the environment, which has an important economic, environmental and health impact that affects the entire population”, says Óscar Prado, Director of AERIS. “DECISIVE seeks to transform the current system, in which the peripheral regions supply food and energy to urban areas, while these emit their waste abroad, in a new process in which each area is able to manage their resources locally and benefit from them in an optimal way “.

The project will generate high added value materials and energy that can be used locally and will design technologies that allow extracting these materials from waste.

DECISIVE, with a duration of four years and endowed with 7 million euros by the European Commission, is led by the French National Institute for Research in Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Agriculture, based in Paris.

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